Flywheel is the guild arm of BattleFly DAO allowing participants to pool Treasure ecosystem assets and earn MAGIC from those assets.

What is Flywheel?

Flywheel is BattleFly DAO’s guild arm that allows players to pool resources and strategy to earn MAGIC. The Flywheel guild operates a complex strategy splitting the rewards generated between guild members. Players wishing to maximise their MAGIC earnings can additionally stake gFLY to boost their share of rewards.

Powering Flywheel

Flywheel is currently powered completely by MAGIC Emissions that flow to Harvesters. Each day Harvesters compete for their share of ~50,000 MAGIC, with the Flywheel guild a competitive player in this battle. The share that Flywheel receives is distributed to those who lock MAGIC and/or gFLY in with the Flywheel guild, ensuring small players can reap the rewards of a Harvester without having to battle in the Harvester Wars alone.

Optimising Yield

To receive a yield on their MAGIC, a user must stake one or more of the following:
Locking gFLY or LP tokens will unlock more MAGIC emissions for a Flywheel participant. These additional MAGIC emissions come from a daily pool of MAGIC. The following variables impact the share of the daily MAGIC pool that the Flywheel participant will receive:
  • The amount of gFLY or LP tokens staked
  • The duration the tokens are locked for
  • The number of Founder’s NFTs staked
BattleFly Founders NFTs alone have no impact on a user’s emission share but when coupled with gFLY or LP tokens they act as a multiplier, boosting the participant's share of the pool even further.
Detailed information and formulas can be found here: