A quick overview of the BattleFly Network.
The BattleFly Network includes:
  • Battlegrounds (BattleFly DAO's flagship PvP strategy game)
  • Racer (BattleFly DAO's endless runner minigame)
  • Colosseum (coming soon)
  • Flywheel (BattleFly DAO's MAGIC earning guild arm)
  • The BattleFly DAO Treasury which holds strategic assets to support the growth of the BattleFly Network.
The BattleFly Network is governed by BattleFly DAO. All gFLY stakers are BattleFly DAO members and can participate in DAO governance through voting with staked gFLY.
Players receive MAGIC for winning Battlegrounds battles and can also receive Nectar whilst playing Battlegrounds.
Players can join the Flywheel Guild and earn MAGIC and gFLY by contributing MAGIC and gFLY.
All BattleFly games require a BattleFly NFT.