The tokens of the BattleFly Network.


MAGIC is the token of TreasureDAO and the Treasure Ecosystem.

It is currently listed on Coinbase and Binance with 344k+ unique holders. MAGIC is used by BattleFly to facilitate battles in the Battlegrounds game.

BattleFlys gain MAGIC by winning battles and lose MAGIC by losing battles. Additionally, BattleFlys can win MAGIC by topping the Leaderboards. More information is available here:


gFLY is the governance token of BattleFly DAO which both powers and governs the BattleFly Network. It has a fixed supply of 10M tokens.

More information is available here:


You can purchase gFLY here:


Nectar is a non-tradable and non-transferable token that is awarded to BattleFlys losing in the Hyperdome and to all winning or losing Flys in the Free to Play Proving Grounds. BattleFlys earn Nectar Shards playing BattleFly Racer which are converted to Nectar at a ratio of 20:1.

Nectar can be used to upgrade and customise BattleFlys.

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