BattleFly DAO

The governing body of the BattleFly Network.

DAO Council

Council Members

The Council will be made up of 5 members with BattleFly DAO’s best interest at heart.

  • 2 community members - nominated and elected by the DAO

  • 1 member from the Treasure ecosystem with gaming experience (that is active in BattleFly)

  • 2 BattleFly DAO core contributors

This mix should provide a balanced view from community members, the Treasure ecosystem, and those closest to building BattleFly’s products.

Role of the Council

This Council will facilitate which proposals go to Snapshot vote, ensuring:

  1. Proposals are properly vetted and fine-tuned before being presented to the DAO for vote

  2. Low quality, unviable, and/or malicious proposals are not put to vote

  3. The DAO is able to move fast and focus on proposals that matter

Governance over the Council

  1. The Council will be renewed via vote every 6 months

  2. Ad-hoc proposals around resetting or replacing members of the Council will go directly to Snapshot vote with a maximum of 1 vote every 30 days on this topic. This is to prevent scenarios where:

    1. The majority of the DAO is not happy with the current Council AND

    2. The Council is refusing to pass any proposals to Snapshot

Current DAO Council

The Discord IDs of the current DAO Council are:

  • chozwell#1196

  • jyroblade

  • coffeeattack

  • _wyze

  • nexonik


Governance Process

Governance will be executed by DAO vote in the following manner:

  1. A proposal is submitted via Discord in our #Governance-Discussion channel

  2. A DAO appointed council will decide to move the proposal forward to Snapshot

  3. An on-chain Snapshot vote opens, followed by a 3 day period for voting

  4. Snapshot proposals that end with a simple majority will be implemented by the DAO

Disclaimer: The DAO appointed council will have the right to veto proposals that are deemed to be malicious in nature or illegal.

Voting Rights

BattleFly DAO governance rights will be granted to:

  • Holders of gFLY tokens that are:

    • Staked and locked in the BattleFly Flywheel dashboard, or

    • Accrued to vest over time for holders of vesting gFLY

  • Holders of V1 or V2 Founders NFTs:

    • Each v1 holds the equitable amount of voting power decided by total v1's staked / the 255,000 gFLY in the v1 Founders Vault.

    • Each v2 holds the equitable amount of voting power decided by total v2's staked / the 255,000 gFLY in the v2 Founders Vault.

  • Holders of staked gFLY:MAGIC LP tokens

Effectively locked and vesting tokens are treated identically for the purposes of DAO governance, and both represent 1 (one) vote.

Governance Power

The DAO has governance rights over the BattleFly Network, including:

  • BattleFly games

  • Treasury

  • Flywheel


We are disclosing the following wallet information to provide full transparency to the DAO.

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