The official documentation for the BattleFly Network, a collection of games and services governed by gFLY and the BattleFly DAO.

The BattleFly Network is complicated, if you want a quick summary click here.

BattleFly Battlegrounds has been sunset. Colosseum is still available to play.

Welcome to BattleFly

In their quest to seize dominance over the last of earth’s remaining resources, humans combined AI, DNA and military technology to create the BattleFly. These weaponized insect assassins swarmed in their billions, fighting as proxies for humans.

As the number of humans dwindled, artificial intelligence filled the vacuum. Ten unique AI forces evolved to control the connected universe, interchanging and evolving between species, dimensions and worlds at will.

The BattleFlys serve these AI masters, flying between organic and virtual worlds, defending castles of code, and destroying everything in their path.

Bent on consumption, and with so little left to consume… they now turn on each other.

Welcome to BattleFly.

What is the BattleFly Network?

The BattleFly Network is governed by BattleFly DAO. All gFLY stakers are BattleFly DAO members and can participate in DAO governance through voting with staked gFLY.

BattleFly Battlegrounds is the flagship game of the BattleFly Network and is an experimental PvP strategy game where players compete against each other to earn rewards. Players are rewarded in TreasureDAO's MAGIC token, the primary in-game currency.

The BattleFly Network includes:

  • Battlegrounds (BattleFly DAO's flagship PvP strategy game)

  • Racer (BattleFly DAO's endless runner arcade minigame)

  • Colosseum (BattleFly DAO's live competitive strategy game)

  • Flywheel (BattleFly's RNG source, stake gFLY to earn gFLY and secure the BattleFly Network)

  • The BattleFly DAO Treasury which holds strategic assets to support the growth of the BattleFly Network.


We are passionate about architecting a game that ultimately hundreds of thousands of people will want to play.

As a passive strategy game with enormous depth (270+ Mods, resulting in virtually infinite BattleFly builds) we believe that BattleFly has the requisite level of sophistication, forward planning and roadmap to underpin long-term success.

Equality is at the core of our ambition. Building a game mechanic that allows a player to start with free gameplay, and strategically craft over a number of weeks to create a competitive BattleFly has not been easy. But it ensures 'production', rather than speculation, will be at the core of our gameplay and audience motivation.

MAGIC and TreasureDAO

BattleFly lives within the TreasureDAO ecosystem. TreasureDAO is building the decentralized video game console of the metaverse - connecting games and communities together by providing core GameFi infrastructure. BattleFly is leveraging the following infrastructure provided by TreasureDAO:

  1. MAGIC - A token listed on Binance and Coinbase with 344k+ unique holders used to facilitate battles in our game.

  2. Treasure Marketplace - An innovative NFT Marketplace that supports all BattleFly assets.

  3. MagicSwap - An automated market maker where you can buy and sell our native governance token, gFLY.

  4. Treasures are interoperable NFTs, often referred to as building blocks, that connect the BattleFly world to the larger TreasureDAO ecosystem.

BattleFly is one of many projects building on top of MAGIC, creating a vibrant ecosystem of interoperable gameplay. Using MAGIC adds credibility to our in game tokenomics, and gives us a platform to build a game that can grow sustainably over many years.

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