What is BattleFly?

BattleFly is a PvP/P2E GameFi project that uses TreasureDAO's MAGIC token as its primary currency.
Season 1 of BattleFly is an idle strategy game that is played in web and mobile browser, taking place across two arenas; the Garden and the Hyperdome. The Garden is a passive arena, in which your BattleFly lazily floats around and occasionally salvages Mods – weapons, shields and utilities that help improve its combat performance.
The Hyperdome is a combat arena, where every few minutes, two BattleFly are selected to auto-battle head to head. To enter the Hyperdome, players must stake their BattleFly with either 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 MAGIC.
Throughout Season 1, when a BattleFly wins a battle it receives a small portion of its opponent’s stake. The effect of this is that slowly, but inevitably, a non-strategic owner playing a poorly equipped BattleFly will see their staked MAGIC gradually evaporate.
Every BattleFly, regardless of trait, rarity and starting Mods, is created with the potential of having a positive ROI; it’s up to the player to find and execute the right strategy to deliver it.
The upshot of all this is that we’ve created a game in which there will be winners and losers. While the redistribution of staked MAGIC from under-performing to high-performing BattleFlys happens quite slowly, it is inexorable.
BattleFly has been conceived as the first high volume, mass market game for the TreasureDAO ecosystem and has been designed from the ground up to minimize the impact of inflation and speculation on core gameplay.