Welcome to BattleFly

In their quest to seize dominance over the last of earth’s remaining resources, humans combined AI, DNA and military technology to create the BattleFly. These weaponized insect assassins swarmed in their billions, fighting as proxies for humans… until there were no humans left.
In their absence, artificial intelligence filled the vacuum. Ten unique AI forces evolved to control the connected universe, interchanging and evolving between species, dimensions and worlds at will.
The BattleFlys serve these AI masters, flying between organic and virtual worlds, defending castles of code, and destroying everything in their path.
Bent on consumption, and with so little left to consume… they now turn on each other.
Welcome to BattleFly.

Change log

Drop it like it's hot.
Season 1 arenas, Nectar, Mods, Wastelands
S1 mod list + stats, gFly info, FlyWheel 2.0
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