Using Treasures in BattleFly

Treasures are composable building blocks that connect the BattleFly world to the larger Bridgeworld metaverse.
In Season 1 of BattleFly, players will be able to stake up to three T4 and T5 Treasures in BattleFly to slightly increase the drop rate of rare+ mods for themselves and any other players who have BattleFlys in the same server(s). It's important to note that in order to minimize gas fees, any Treasures that are staked apply to all of the BattleFlys within a players wallet.
We are excited to explore this new form of collaborative gamefi play, and are curious to see whether human nature supports it.
In future seasons, BattleFly plans to:
  • Link individual mods and treasures 1:1, enabling players to influence the types of weapons and shields they can salvage.
  • Enable players to stack treasures within their own Garden servers, and collect Nectar fees from players who wish to enter.
☕️ (You might want to get a coffee before starting).