Our Ambition

We are passionate about architecting a game that hundreds of thousands of people will want to play.
As a passive strategy game with enormous depth (we have over 270 Mods in Season 1 alone, resulting in virtually infinite BattleFly builds) we believe that BattleFly has the requisite level of sophistication, forward planning and roadmap to underpin long-term success.
Our core game loop has been designed to enable people in emerging markets to earn consistently with well thought out strategy implementation. Our game design also ensures that our core audience will always find the game accessible.
Equality is at the core of our ambition. Building a game mechanic that allows a player to start with a free cocoon, and strategically craft over a number of weeks a valuable BattleFly has not been easy. But it ensures 'production', rather than speculation, will be at the core of our gameplay and audience motivation.