MAGIC and TreasureDAO

Treasureverse BattleFlys
BattleFly breaks new ground for GameFi projects by building on top of MAGIC, the currency of the connected metaverse. MAGIC was conceived as a free and fair distribution by TreasureDAO, and enables BattleFly to harness the benefits of over $50M in liquidity and a $152m market cap (~US$1.5b fully diluted). BattleFly is one of 20+ projects building on top of MAGIC, creating a vibrant ecosystem of interoperable gameplay.
Using MAGIC builds credibility in our game tokenomics for players, and gives us a platform to build a game that can grow sustainably over many years.
Players were required to have a small amount of MAGIC in their wallet to receive the free BattleFly cocoon mint, and will stake their BattleFlys in the combat arena with MAGIC.
Players will onboard through the exclusive Treasure Marketplace, which will drive discovery and credibility for BattleFly and serve as an on-ramp for our game. BattleFly will earn 2.5% of all commission fees from the re-sale of our NFTs through Treasure.
Our in-game marketplace will also be ‘Powered by TreasureDAO', denominated in MAGIC and will enable players to trade their BattleFlys and purchase Mods through our UI focused on bulk buying, selling and stable building. A fee (marketplace commission) is collected by the BattleFly Treasury and shared with TreasureDAO.