Nectar is an ERC-1155 NFT that is distributed in-game to players of BattleFly.
BattleFlys consume Nectar as a short-term sugar hit that makes them stronger and complete actions faster.
Nectar becomes stale quickly when not in use, and is distributed on a use it or lose basis. A side effect of this is that Nectar produced in Season 1 can not be used in later seasons. It can however be bought, sold and transferred via the in-game BattleFly marketplace, but traders should be cautious, as Nectar is fragile and can easily be damaged.
There are four primary ways to obtain Nectar, noting that its supply is continually balanced by BattleFly’s treasury:
  • Lose a battle in the Hyperdome
  • Discard a mod your BattleFly has salvaged in The Gardens
  • Harvest it in the Garden by staking MAGIC
  • Purchase it in the marketplace
More detail on how Nectar is used is contained in the section titled Season 1 Gameplay.