Phase 3 - Ascension Ring

After six weeks of Stake and Kill, BattleFlys reach the final phase of Season 1 - the Ascension Ring.
(Some players may elect to spend Nectar and reboot their BattleFly at this point, hoping for better luck in The Gardens and more ROI in the hyperdome.)
However in order to progress to Season 2, each BattleFly must ultimately align to one of ten AI factions.
Once a player enters the Ascension Ring and stakes their BattleFly with MAGIC, AI Factions will start to issue bribes. The goal of each AI Faction is simple; conscript the strongest and largest army.
For every eight hours that a BattleFly is staked in the Ascension Ring, players will receive one of ten stickers, each representing a faction. These stickers are offerings from the AI for your BattleFly, and may be accompanied by small bribes in the form of MAGIC emissions. Players can choose to add a Faction sticker to their Wing Armor, or simply hold and wait.
Players and Guilds will need to carefully plan their strategy. Some players will try to collect one sticker from each faction, for as they do, the bribes become larger as the AI Factions compete harder to recruit you.
Others will choose their faction early, and in so doing receive fewer bribes but a greater chance of receiving an AI Trait Card enabling them to exert influence over their preferred faction.
Staking and breaking Nectar in the Ascension Ring has multiple effects. It can draw more attention to a players BattleFly from the AI Factions. They may also receive new wing armor.
And for a small group of BattleFlys, Nectar will have unexpected effects, triggering mutations that only become evident in Season 2.