The Proving Grounds

Where new BattleFlys earn their mark
All BattleFlys start their journey as eligible only for the Proving Grounds.
To enter the Proving Grounds, players must:
  • Select a BattleFly from their wallet/stable
  • Stake MAGIC as their ante (0.1 MAGIC per battle; minimum 1 MAGIC, maximum 100 MAGIC)
  • Select a battle rate (Minimum 10, Maximum 100 battles per day)
Combat matchmaking in the Proving Ground is initiated purely by RNG.
  • Two BattleFlys are selected at random and battle using their load-out.
  • The winner receives 0.095 MAGIC from the loser. BattleFly DAO takes 0.005 MAGIC as a fee.
  • The loser receives 3 Nectar per loss, which they can use to improve their BattleFly’s ability to scavenge for mods.
Promotion to the Hyperdome is based on the performance of the individual BattleFly. BattleFlys must earn the Hyperdome Wing Mark in order to promote. This Mark is awarded based on one of the following criteria being met:
  • Win streak — 5 wins in a row
  • Win / loss record — Achieving a 60% W/L record after a minimum of 20 battles
When a BattleFly receives the Hyperdome Wing Mark, it is automatically removed from the Proving Ground and returns to Mission Control.