The Hyperdome

The ultimate arena
All the AI factions want to control the Hyperdome...
The Hyperdome is where BattleFlys compete to climb the leaderboard and earn handsome rewards. Once a BattleFly has earned its Hyperdome Mark, it will no longer be able to compete in the Proving Grounds and only in the Hyperdome.
To enter the Hyperdome, players must:
  • Select a BattleFly from their wallet/stable
  • Stake MAGIC as their ante (0.1 MAGIC per battle; minimum 1 MAGIC, maximum 100 MAGIC)
  • Select a battle rate (Minimum 10, Maximum 100 battles per day)
Combat matchmaking in the Hyperdome is based on BattleFly rank and RNG.
  • Two BattleFlys are selected and battle using their load-out.
  • The winner receives 0.1 MAGIC from the loser. BattleFly DAO takes 0.005 MAGIC as a fee.
  • The loser receives 1 Nectar, which they can use to improve their BattleFly’s ability to scavenge for mods
    • Notice that in the more competitive Hyperdome, losing BattleFlys receive only 1 Nectar per loss, compared to 3 Nectar per loss in the Proving Grounds.
In the Hyperdome you will be eligible for less Nectar rewards, but the top 1% of BattleFly's of each league rank will earn MAGIC emissions daily.