Stake, Kill & Chill

A BattleFly staked in the Hyperdome can fight up to 100 battles per day.
Players choose the amount of battles they want their BattleFly to do in a day and stake the required MAGIC (or more) needed to battle at the intended frequency.
To start with, let's review the extremes:
  • The highest ranked BattleFly in an arena can make an ROI of 95% per day from just from battling. Note: This does not include additional reward from ranking high on our leaderboards!
  • The lowest ranked BattleFly in a server can lose 100% in a day from battling.
Now lets look at more typical BattleFlys:
  • A BattleFly who wins 60/100 battles in a day will have an ROI of 14% (yes, being just above average can get your BattleFly 14% a day, or 5,110% APR in a year)
  • A BattleFly who wins 40/100 battles in a day will have an ROI of -24% (and will need to get new mods to improve their strategy)