Scavenging Boosts

Wear your heart on your sleeve - and your marks on your wings.
Players can burn Nectar to mark their BattleFly and improve their ability to hunt specific types of Mods and/or rarity of Mods. There are two basic types of improvements:
Hunter's Mark — Improve the ability to find a specific type of Mod when opening a Mod Pack. There are 10 categories of Mods. Only one mark can be applied at a time and replaces a previously applied mark.
Scavenging Mark — Improve the ability to find a better rarity; these should be accretive up to 3 maximum boosts. (These are expensive, and increase in nectar cost incrementally). They come in bronze, silver, and gold versions. Scavenging boosts increase the probability of a BattleFly obtaining a targeted Mod or rarity, they do not guarantee it.