Mod Packs

A Mod Pack being opened
Opening Mod Packs provide BattleFlys 3 new Mods to choose from. This allows players to strategically build their BattleFly by...
  1. 1.
    Upgrading or changing existing Mods
  2. 2.
    Adding Mods to their inventory slots
Mod Packs can be purchased for 5 MAGIC. Three new Mods will instantly be displayed along with the BattleFly's current inventory (4 equipped Mods and 4 spare slots). The player then has the following options.
  • Decide which Mods they'd like to equip or add to their inventory
    • Players are naturally able to take one Mod per pack opening
    • Taking a second or third Mod from the same pack opening requires 5 MAGIC per additional Mod
    • BattleFlys with an already full inventory will have to discard an existing Mod to make room for a new Mod.
  • Re-roll the entire Mod Pack by burning Nectar. There is no limit as to how often the player can re-roll using their Nectar balance.
  • After selecting a Mod, the player can choose to roll for an upgrade by burning Nectar. This can be done once per Mod per pack. If successful, a Mod will be upgraded to a higher rarity.
    • There is a 12.5% chance it will upgrade one rarity tier
    • There is a 2.5% chance it will upgrade two rarity tiers
  • To view the probabilities of finding different rarities, please reference the Mod Rarity breakdown. A mod pack will never contain more than one copy of the same Mod. (Regardless of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Legendary mod.)