A reference to all terms found in the game
BattleFly: A mini drone of the future that players can equip and send to battle other players. Flight Pass: A set to get started playing BattleFly, containing one off-chain BattleFly, 10 pre-paid battles, and 2 Mod Packs to crack open. Hunter's Mark: Improve the chance to find a specific type of Mod. Hyperdome Wing Mark: A visual mark on the wing of your BattleFly, granting access to the Hyperdome, a PVP Arena with higher rewards. Mod Pack: a virtual box containing 3 randomized Mods to make a BattleFly stronger. Scavenging Mark: Improve the rarity of Mods found in the Mod Packs. Wastelands: a limited set of 200 NFTs, in the Twitter/Discord banner format, paying fees to the holder based on in-game Mod Pack sales.