Getting Started

There are two pathways for new players into the game:
  1. 1.
    Purchasing a Flight Pass (coming soon)
  2. 2.
    Owning or purchasing a Genesis BattleFly NFT

Flight Pass

How to Purchase?
The Flight Pass is the simplest way to onboard into our game. Players can purchase this pass with:
Credit card via Stripe checkout
Ideal for users that are new to crypto and users that do not have funds on Arbitrum
Ideal for users that have a crypto wallet setup and funds on Arbitrum
What are the benefits?
The Flight pass provides instant access to new users and lets them start playing immediately. Benefits include:
  • 1 Season One Edition BattleFly (note: These BattleFlys cannot be sold or transferred)
  • 2 Mod Packs
  • 10 Battles
Players are afforded everything they need to start playing and competing for MAGIC rewards. When players wish to claim their rewards, they'll be guided through setting up their own web3 wallet to take ownership over their MAGIC.

Owning or purchasing a Genesis BattleFly NFT

How to Purchase?
Players who do not already own a BattleFly NFT can purchase one from our initial 30K collection here on the Trove marketplace.
What are the benefits of Genesis BattleFlys?
Unlike the Season One Edition BattleFlys included in the Flight Pass - Genesis BattleFlys are both trade-able and transferrable. As you can imagine, BattleFlys that prove dominant in battle, will fetch a healthy asking price on the Marketplace.
As BattleFly evolves as a game, Genesis BattleFlys are likely to realize certain benefits in the future. While not yet confirmed, the ability to breed has been one of the most popular benefits discussed amongst the team.