Using Treasures in BattleFly

Bridgeworld Treasures
What are Treasures?
Treasures are interoperable NFTs, often referred to as building blocks, that connect the BattleFly world to the larger TreasureDAO ecosystem. Each Treasure NFT has a tier, with Tier 1 being the most rare and Tier 5 being the least rare.
How are Treasures used?
In Season 1 of BattleFly, players use Treasures to increase the number of inventory slots that each BattleFly has. Each BattleFly naturally comes with:
  1. 1.
    4 equipped "mods" also known as weapons, armor, and utility.
  2. 2.
    4 empty inventory slots to hold additional mods
By sacrificing treasures, users unlock additional inventory slots for a specific BattleFly.
Sacrificing a Tier 5 Treasure unlocks 1 additional slot - increasing capacity to 5 slots total. Sacrificing another 2 T5 Treasures unlocks 2 additional slots. Then the next 3 slots can be unlocked by sacrificing T4 Treasures...and so on. A player sacrificing 3 of all 5 tiers of Treasures would have capacity to hold 19 mods in total. All slots acquired this way are permanently unlocked for this BattleFly. See the table below for a full breakdown.
Treasure Tier
Inventory Unlock
Total Inventory Slots
Baseline (no sacrifice)
3x Tier 5
+3 inventory slots
3x Tier 4
+3 additional inventory slots
3x Tier 3
+3 additional inventory slots
3x Tier 2
+3 additional inventory slots
3x Tier 1
+3 additional inventory slots
BattleFly will continue to implement use cases for Treasures as the game progresses.