Our ambition
We are passionate about architecting a game that hundreds of thousands of people will want to play.
As a passive strategy game with enormous depth (we have over 250 Mods in season 1 alone, resulting in virtually infinite BattleFly builds) we believe that BattleFly has the requisite level of sophistication, forward planning and roadmap to underpin long-term success.
Our core game loop has been designed to enable people in emerging markets to earn consistent income of $US10 per day as a starting point, with anti-inflation sinks distributed to ensure that as the game scales in popularity, this core audience will always find the game accessible.
Equality is at the core of our ambition. Building a game mechanic that allows a player to start with a free cocoon, and strategically craft over a number of weeks a valuable BattleFly has not been easy. But it ensures 'production', rather than speculation, will be at the core of our gameplay and audience motivation.
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