Charity Editions

Wing Art
KevinFly was created for a charity auction and is a force for good within the BattleFly world. If your BattleFly beats KevinFly in combat, a tree will be planted somewhere in the world on your behalf as part of the reforestation efforts of OneTreePlanted and similar organisations. KevinFly will slowly extend his influence to have a small squadron of KevinFlys.
10 PeaceFlys were created and auctioned off with all proceeds being donated to support Red Cross Ukraine.
Phasia, a legendary rarity BattleFly, was created by us specifically for the BlackPool auction to support Save the Children Myanmar charity. Embraced by kings and freedom fighters alike, Myanmar's peacocks have long been a national symbol of pride and resistance, so a peacock pattern was designed.
Imperative 1/1