Executive Summary


  • gFLY is the governance token that powers the decentralized BattleFly network. It has a fixed supply of 10m tokens.
  • gFLY enables holders to participate in decision making of BattleFlyDAO, and additionally underpins provable fairness of the BattleFly game by acting as a source of entropy for the core RNG engine.
  • Staked gFLY will potentially receive yield from the various components of the network including the games, Flywheel, Treasury and marketplace royalties.

The BattleFly network

BattleFly is a GameFi project built on top of the TreasureDAO ecosystem. The BattleFly network aims to gamify yield farming in a fun and competitive way, evolving the traditional P2E mechanic to “Strategize to Earn”.
Upon launch of the BattleFly gaming network and simultaneous issuance and release of a the Battlefly network token (gFLY), the network will be fully functional and decentralized, with the BattleFlyDAO. The launch is expected to occur in November 2022.
The network comprises:
  1. 1.
    BattleFly Season 1 - a PvP idle strategy game built on $Magic, launching October 2022. Players will assemble their BattleFly mechas from over 350 unique Mods, and send them into battle by staking $Magic
  2. 2.
    BattleFly Treasury - a yield generating protocol with approximately 3.2m $Magic represented by the v1 and v2 Founder NFTs, in addition to an extensive vault of Bridgeworld NFTs.
  3. 3.
    Flywheel - a ‘staking as a service’ protocol which enables partner projects to seamlessly stake to earn emissions from the Treasure ecosystem.