Competitive Locking

To receive a yield higher than what BattleFly DAO generates from just the Atlas Mine, a user must stake one or more of the following:
  • BattleFly Founders NFTs (v1, v2)
  • gFly tokens
  • gFly:MAGIC LP tokens (aquired by providing liquidity on MagicSwap
Locking gFLY or LP tokens will unlock more MAGIC emissions for a Flywheel user. These additional MAGIC emissions come from a daily pool of MAGIC. The following variables impact the share of the daily MAGIC pool that the Flywheel user will receive:
  • The amount of gFLY or LP tokens staked
  • The duration the tokens are locked for
  • The number of Founder’s NFTs staked
BattleFly Founders NFTs alone have no impact on a user’s emission share but when coupled with gFLY or LP tokens they act as a multiplier, boosting the user’s share of the pool even further.