Staking-as-a-service for TreasureDAO

What is Flywheel?

Flywheel is designed to help creators leverage the BattleFly Treasury to launch new projects for the TreasureDAO ecosystem. Flywheel enables games to harness the power of MAGIC staking and emissions to build robust and connected in-game economies. We call this “staking as a service”.
We envisage Flywheel becoming a core piece of infrastructure that accelerates the growth of TreasureDAO’s mission to become ‘the Nintendo of the Metaverse’. In this first phase, we’re working with the support of the Treasure team to ensure the design of Flywheel tightly aligns with the Council’s strategic vision for MAGIC and drives the project forward. A percentage of all emissions generated by Flywheel will flow directly back to TreasureDAO to support the long-term strength and ambition of this incredible ecosystem.
As Flywheel evolves, we’ll be co-developing our solution with TreasureDAO to ensure delegated governance rights are retained by individual stakers. As Bridgeworld expands, we’ll also enable our partners to implement “sinks as a service” for Treasure ecosystem NFTs within their games, unlocking powerful utility for projects wanting to develop true interoperability.
We’re welcoming 10 incredible projects onboard as our launch partners, which we’ll be announcing progressively over the coming days and weeks. If you’re a builder who’s interested in being part of Flywheel, please contact us via the details below.

How does Flywheel work?

Flywheel partners are baking MAGIC staking into their gameplay and experiences. Their players will be incentivized to lock MAGIC up for between two weeks to twelve months, in return receiving everything from whitelist spots, exclusive NFTs, token emissions and in-game rewards.
The partners stake this MAGIC directly into our BattleFly Flywheel contract, which is administered by our Treasury to earn massive yield from the Bridgeworld mines and Harvesters. Our Treasury team is supported by ClocksnatcherDAO, to ensure we deliver ‘maximum benevolent yield’ for all partners and players over the long-term.
BattleFly retains a 10% fee of all emissions generated on behalf of our Flywheel partners, which we’ll use to strengthen our Treasury and invest in productive NFT resources. The remaining 90% is for partners to do with as they choose – some are designing their gamenomics around boosted emissions, other teams are electing to retain the emissions to help grow their projects.
Flywheel enables emerging project teams to focus on building world-class games, and rely on our aggregated service layer to generate optimal yields for their players and their project.

Why is BattleFly doing this?

First and foremost, we’re here for the ecosystem and believe BattleFly and other innovators should play a key role in helping TreasureDAO build the economic infrastructure for what will - one day - be a vibrant ecosystem with millions of players across hundreds of connected experiences.
We’re just getting started; over the coming months, BattleFly’s Treasury will be announcing strategic partnerships with leading web3 institutions that will enable us to offer funding to high quality teams building products that connect metaverses, chains and layers with MAGIC and Treasure.

What does this mean for governance?

With great power comes great responsibility. It is our strong view that players who lock up MAGIC for the long-term in a service such as Flywheel should retain their individual governance rights, and that the longevity and health of this incredible eco-system relies on the contribution of all MAGIC holders, large and small, rather than a handful of whales.
We are working with TreasureDAO to formalize a technology solution that will ensure our Treasury governance rights reflect the intention and will of all the individual wallets that stake MAGIC into our Treasury. More to come on this soon.

Want to use Flywheel for your project?

We’re keen to chat.
Please note that we’re applying a high level of quality control to project teams to ensure that we’re partnering with teams who have the best interests of TreasureDAO and the broader ecosystem in mind.
Please send some information about your project to [email protected] or connect with MachuPichu888#0875 on Discord.