Wing Armor

All the colors of the rainbow...
The patterns on the wings of the BattleFly are its Wing Armor.
BattleFlys can salvage new Wing Armor while placed in The Gardens. In Season 1, players will simply be able to decide whether to use the new armor or not.
In Season 2, armor will be tradeable between players in the marketplace. If a player has multiple BattleFlys in their squadron, they will be able to swap Armor between them.
Wing Armor adds to the rarity of your BattleFly. In Season 1, all armor drops will be 1/1s created by BattleFly artists. From Season 2 onwards, Wing Armor has a more prominent role in cloning, genetics and battle performance.
Caution! Players with BattleFly Editions who elect to replace their armor in Season 1 will no longer represent their original edition and will devolve to become Drones instead.
Last modified 8mo ago