Season 2 sneak peek

At the end of Season 1, every BattleFly will have:
  • A load-out of BattleMods (the unique combinations of weapons, shields and utilities); and
  • An ROI ranking, based on the MAGIC the BattleFly has won or lost over its first two weeks.
When combined, this will give each BattleFly a unique ranking as it enters the Rift.
ROI is a greater determiner of a BattleFly’s ranking level than the strengths of its mods, rarity or wing armor. This mechanic disincentivizes players from spending the full six weeks in the Garden, building a BattleFly that appears perfect, but isn’t battle-tested.

So – how do we use these rankings?

In Season 1, players will command individual BattleFlys in combat. Towards the end of Season 1, the game takes a more macro view, enabling players to form alliances within guilds and subDAOs and assemble their BattleFlys into squadrons.
The first major battles involving the BattleFlys will take place between subDAOs seeking to maintain control of the dominant Harvester within the Atlas Mine. In TreasureDAO’s Bridgeworld, the six Harvesters are the ultimate tool used to mine MAGIC from the Atlas Mine. Each Harvester competes with the other five for MAGIC emissions.
The 1/1 Iconic Boost NFT provides the holder with additional periodic mining capacity when staked in a single Harvester. Although the NFT is deployed in Bridgeworld, it can only be won and defended within the BattleFly Hyperdome.
SubDAOs that wish to take advantage of this 1/1 booster will need to assemble their armies and battle until only a single BattleFly remains - the strongest of them all, and the new holder of the Iconic Boost.