Mod drops
The frequency of mod drops is determined primarily as a function of the number of BattleFlys placed in each individual Garden server. In simple terms, the more BattleFlys in a Garden server, the more frequent mod drops will be for the BattleFlys placed within.
Each mod drop is a lottery. Each BattleFly has one entry in the lottery simply by being placed in The Gardens.
BattleFlys can increase their chances in each lottery by:
  • Staking Treasures in the game, which increases the drop rate of rare+ mods in the servers containing their BattleFlys. This is a collaborative benefit for any BattleFly sharing the Garden.
  • Staking Nectar, which makes an individual BattleFly work harder and increases the likelihood of receiving rare, epic and legendary mods. However your BattleFly will consume and deplete this staked nectar over time.
In the future, additional ways for a player to boost the likelihood of receiving Mod drops will come online, including:
  • Equipping your BattleFly with Mods that improve their scavenging performance in The Gardens.
  • Revealing a trait (based on the rarity of a BattleFly) that unlocks a short or long-term scavenging bonus.
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