The Hyperdome

In Season 1, players will select from predefined list (5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 MAGIC) to enter a Hyperdome.
This means that BattleFlys who have staked 5 Magic will compete against other players who have staked the same amount and ensures an accessible game for all types of players.
This won’t always be the case, but the gameplay is complex enough without adding the additional variability of different staked amounts in Season 1.
Players will be organized into Hyperdome servers of roughly 100 players based on their entry selection. Every three minutes, two BattleFlys are randomly selected to battle. If your BattleFly is called to the arena, there is no way to avoid or concede. However between battles you may leave the Hyperdome and return to the garden at any time.
There is a ‘reload and recharge’ cooldown that ensures a BattleFly will have a break of at least ten battles before being called to the arena again. On average each BattleFly will battle 10 times per day, but this is RNG and your mileage may vary from day to day.
The winning BattleFly receives 1% of its opponent stake. The losing BattleFly is likely to receive Nectar in return for their lost MAGIC, however this is not guaranteed. The amount of Nectar a losing BattleFly receives is proportional to the entry fee of the Hyperdome it’s battling in, dis-incentivizing players from “farming their losses” in lower entry pools.
Players can switch their BattleFly from the Hyperdome back to The Gardens at any time. Additionally, BattleFlys can be simultaneously listed for sale in the in-game marketplace and staked in the Hyperdome. Our expectation here is that observant players may elect to snipe their competitor after a loss, and “trade up” to a superior BattleFly.