The Gardens
Every BattleFly starts Season 1 with a base load-out of four core mods and wing armor.
Placing your BattleFly in The Gardens enables your BattleFly to salvage new mods and wing armor.
Each Garden server contains up to a maximum of 100 BattleFlys. In Season 1, BattleFlys are allocated randomly to servers and players will be unlikely to have all of their BattleFlys together in a single Garden.
BattleFlys salvage mods in The Gardens when they are called to a landing zone in the middle. Both the frequency of mod drops and the selected BattleFly are largely determined by RNG, although rare BattleFlys are slightly more likely to receive rare+ mods.
When a mod is salvaged, a player can choose to keep it (replacing an existing mod in their BattleFly’s loadout) or discard it. On occasion players will receive Nectar in exchange for the mod they’ve discarded. The Garden can be managed passively by players; any mods a player collects are held until they decide to keep or discard them.

Increasing the frequency and rarity of Mod Drops

Staking T4 and T5 treasures in BattleFly increases the rate of mod drops for any Garden server that a player has a BattleFly placed in. Note that the ratio of mod drops to Treasures staked is reviewed frequently by Treasury and will not enable strategies contemplating under-staking (1 treasure for multiple BattleFlys) to be successful.
If a player is staking Treasures and has a BattleFly placed in a Garden server when an Epic or Legendary mod is dropped, they will receive bonus Nectar.
Additionally, players are able to stake Nectar in the garden for their BattleFly to consume, which slightly increases the rate of rare+ mod drops for an individual player.

Harvesting Nectar in The Gardens

Players who stake and lock MAGIC for four weeks will be able to tap directly into the Source, the mysterious well that produces Nectar for the BattleFly world.
Connecting to the Source significantly increases the Nectar that is collected by BattleFlys when they salvage and discard a Mod.
The Source is the only productive resource within BattleFly that is corruptible - the more MAGIC that a player stakes and locks, the more Nectar they receive in return.
Important: Nectar's short shelf life is unavoidable. Players who successfully farm Nectar from the Source will likely find they collect more than they can use and will need to trade it.
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Increasing the frequency and rarity of Mod Drops
Harvesting Nectar in The Gardens