Phase 1 - The Silo

Our game begins in The Silo, an ancient location where DNA and military secrets are combined to engineer Cocoons. Cocoons must spend a total of two weeks in The Silo in order to hatch.
Players will stake their cocoon with 5 MAGIC in order to release their BattleFly. Gradually, the BattleFlys starting with Wing Armor, mod loadout and attributes will be revealed. Note that each Cocoon must be individually staked with 5 MAGIC in order to initiate the release.
Players may choose to unstake their Cocoon from The Silo at any time during this phase and list their partially revealed BattleFly for sale in the Treasure Marketplace. However the release phase will only recommence once the cocoon is re-staked in The Silo.
Players will earn Nectar while staked in The Silo during the release phase, but unstaking a BattleFly to sell it will immediately cause all accrued Nectar to evaporate. As such, players will need to choose between capitalizing on any short-term increase in the value of their BattleFly as mods are revealed against starting the genesis phases with a limited supply of nectar.