Stake, Kill & Chill
A BattleFly staked in the Hyperdome will fight in an average of 10 battles per day. This can vary based on the random draw of the Hyperdome but has been designed to reduce outlier events such as back-to-back battles.
Players choose their arena based on a set amount of MAGIC that they will stake against their BattleFly (5, 10, 20, 50, 100). All arenas have the same expected ROI breakdown from a percentage standpoint, but the more a player stakes the more they can expect to win.
To start with, let's review the extremes:
  • The highest rank BattleFly in a server will make (on average) an ROI of 10% per day.
  • The lowest ranked BattleFly in a server will lose (on average) 10% per day.
To give a clearer breakdown of the expected returns for users in BattleFly we’ve split the player base into quartiles and have focused on the average player in each quarter. Q4 represents the most successful 25% of players and Q1 is the least successful 25% of players.
Table 1 shows the expected return for the average player from Q4 to Q1.
Table 1 - average daily return by quartile (%)
Table 2 shows these returns applied to the lowest stake and highest stake options in MAGIC.
Table 2 - average daily return by quartile (MAGIC)
It is important to note that the BattleFly Treasury will offset some losses for players with emissions earned from Bridgeworld mines to make gameplay more sustainable for the average user.
Table 3 shows an estimate of the players returns from Table 1 with the BattleFly Treasury emissions in place.
Table 3 - average daily return by quartile with bonus emissions (%)
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