Insurance emissions
As players explore the BattleFly world, they will be staking Magic.
When a player stakes MAGIC into the combat arena, they will potentially earn "insurance emissions" from their staked MAGIC and the BattleFly Treasury. For many players, this will partially or fully offset losses they make in combat.
For example:
Player 1 has a BattleFly that is currently ranked in the third lowest quartile. They have staked their BattleFly with 10 MAGIC. They lose an average of 1% of their stake (0.1 MAGIC) to other players daily, but receive that back in emissions against their stake - so their net outcome is 0% ROI.
The challenges that our treasury approach solves for:
  • MAGIC is precious and emissions are generous – this ensures players aren’t torn between staking their MAGIC with BattleFly or the mines.
  • Players will benefit from staking MAGIC into BattleFly, because we provide upside to standard emissions and enable players to earn up to 5% ROI daily.
Last modified 6mo ago
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