BattleFly NFTs
The BattleFly game launches with five NFTs.
Cocoons are a prelude to gameplay; each cocoon contains one BattleFly-in- waiting. Cocoons can be traded in the Treasure Marketplace, but once a BattleFly is released from its cocoon and its life begins, it can't go back.
Each BattleFly emerges from the cocoon with randomly generated wing armor. Each BattleFly also starts with four base mods - randomly selected from more than 250 weapons, shields and utilities that give BattleFlys their unique combat abilities. BattleFlys have limited battery life and must consume Nectar to recharge. BattleFlys can be traded in the in-game marketplace.
AI Trait Cards (available later in Season 1) power the ten Artificial Intelligence factions that fight for control of the metaverse, using BattleFly as their proxy. Players can use AI Trait Cards to influence breeding, mod drops and more. Trait Cards can be traded in the Treasure Marketplace.
Founders NFTs are sold by the project to boost our Treasury. In addition to extending the battery life of a BattleFly, they also entitle the holder to governance rights and bonus emissions when staking $Magic. Founders NFTs can be traded in the Treasure Marketplace.
Nectar is a consumable NFT that sustains and enhances a BattleFly’s performance. It has multiple uses across the game, and is required to both recharge BattleFlys and initiate cloning.
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