Cloning (breeding)
While cloning won’t be available until Season 2, it will be an important facet of game strategy and an understanding of what’s coming is important.
BattleFlys do not have genders, meaning any two BattleFlys can combine to blueprint and clone provided they belong to the same (or aligned) AI Faction.
When two BattleFlys clone, they produce two cocoons, with one given to each parent. A cloning event is always successful in producing two cocoons, however does have an impact on the parents.
  • A BattleFly that has recently cloned will not be able to battle for 24 hours or clone again for 30 days.
  • Cloning reduces battery life; each subsequent cloning activity after the first comes with greatly increased risk of significantly shortening a BattleFlys battery life. Eventually, BattleFly owners may find that the risk of a cloning event depleting their BattleFly’s battery life to 0% (and thus terminating its code forever) is too high to continue.
Holding a v1 or v2 Founder NFT in a wallet, and/or breeding with a 1/1 Founder BattleFly or an Iconic reduces the impact of breeding on battery life by 50%.
Cloning events are randomised, to prevent monopolization of lineages by players working in concert.
The ranking of parent BattleFlys influences the success of their progeny, but far from guarantees it.
When a BattleFly Edition clones, their progeny may receive limited edition Wing Armor released by the collab partner upon release.
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