Battery life
BattleFlys are built tough and are released with a full battery that can endure up to 100 battles.
However, players may elect to take actions that shorten the battery life of their BattleFly. It is important to note that a BattleFly’s battery life does not impact its performance in battle and is a different concept to “health”.
The key factors that reduce a BattleFly’s battery life are:
  • Frequent combat - we expect that high performing BattleFlys will battle more frequently in order to generate yield, and as a result will have shorter battery life.
  • Cloning (breeding) - from Season 2 onwards. It takes a bit out of you if you do it right ❤️.
  • Players can re-charge their BattleFly’s battery by consuming Nectar, however the amount of Nectar required increases exponentially with each subsequent recharge.
If a BattleFly enters a battle with low charge and is defeated in combat, depleting their battery to 0%, no amount of Nectar will recharge it and the BattleFly is terminated and archived in Valhalla.
Holding a v1 or v2 Founder NFT in a wallet reduces the impact of combat and breeding on the battery life of a player’s two highest performing BattleFlys, essentially enabling them to generate ROI for longer and breed more.
Similarly, the 220 1/1 Founder BattleFlys and 10 x Iconics all have improved battery life.
Last modified 6mo ago
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