How will the BattleFly Treasury be used?

The BattleFly Treasury will be actively invested with a strategy designed to capture consistent emissions (and LP rewards) for use within the BattleFly game. The Treasury has negotiated the exclusive use of high yielding Bridgeworld NFTs to support our strategy.
The following is an example only, noting that our Treasury will operate in a fluid environment and will be constantly optimizing our risk v reward:
  • 40% of the Treasury will be staked in the Bridgeworld Atlas Mine and/or Harvesters to earn more MAGIC that will accrue to players and Founder NFT holders via Treasury
  • 30% of the Treasury will be held in $USDC to earn yield farming rewards to grow the BattleFly Treasury and capitalise on any short-term dips in the MAGIC price.
  • 30% in ETH to be provided to the MAGIC <> ETH liquidity pool, with LP rewards distributed back to the BattleFLY
MAGIC staked by players in in-game lockups will be co-invested with the Treasury, in most cases generating substantially greater yields than if the player was to stake directly. These emissions are captured by the Treasury and distributed to players and Founder NFT holders via gameplay mechanics and rewards.
BatteFly's Treasury seeks to aggregate a massive number of wallets via our gameplay, with each contributing a small amount to a large aggregated amount of pooled $Magic.
The emissions earned by this combined staked, supported by our large treasury, enables us to underpin the gameplay to ensure players receive high rewards in a valued third-party currency, while retaining deep liquidity at all times.