BattleFly Incubator

We believe in MAGIC.
We believe Treasure needs world class games and interactive experiences.
The BattleFly Incubator is designed to help this happen.
A portion of our Treasury emissions will be used to support innovators and experimenters who want to build games and experiences for the Treasure eco-system. This is intended to complement, not compete with TreasureDAO's ecosystem fund; we're looking for wild ideas that innovate across DeFi, gaming and NFTs and want to help you bring them to life.
Our team, Founders and Advisors will support your project with expertise across technology, fund raising, people and culture, security, marketing and product.
Incubator projects will be able to use BattleFly's APIs, PvP systems, in-game marketplace code and other IP to accelerate time to market.
Our community of almost 150,000 people between Discord and Twitter will be mobilized to help incubator projects quickly build audiences.
We're not looking for clones of some cash grab you saw work on another chain. We want to work with people who are building the new, and doing it to make Treasure, and the world, a better place to be.