List of factions

Originally a Mining Corpo AI Centralized planetary extraction management system, from automated mines to Asteroid mining in space. Central core buried deep under the Himalayas. Objective is to keep extracting all resources of the solar system and pile them neatly.
Global Ecosystem Management AI Made to jugulate the effects of global warming and rise in sea levels. Developed a climate control capacity through the OASIS ring in orbit. She wants to cover the world with the most deserving life form she selected, plants.
Biotech AI. Genetic engineering on itself made a physical monster. Influence/control wildlife with a form of telepathy. Most mutant fauna are now aggressive on Earth. Wants to cover the Earth with his lovely children.
Nickname “Ewanok” was a planetary defense system in orbit built to protect against space debris, derelict satellites, and meteorites. Was also in charge of security of the Ring and satellite traffic system.
A Twin AI that roams the wastelands physically, regularly changing host cyborg bodies. Idealists, give awakening to machines they meet. During their explorations of the wasteland, they discovered Magic.
AI managing the Global transportation system, including the Space Elevator. Was at the vanguard of limited teleportation success. She’s the first AI to succeed in the impossible: understanding and using Magic. She opened a rift in the space-time continuum to the Bridgeworld after she realized the danger that HELL-A represented.
Command and control Super Intelligence previously in charge of the Unified Continental Confederation National Defense. The lord of war is looking for worthy opponents to keep on waging war in the solar system for centuries to come.
Origin unknown. Did he create himself? Is that even possible? The personification of rational thought. Implacable, his purple eye never blinking, and all-seeing. He decided he was better than all of us.
Electronics and network Super AI. Dreams of reestablishing pre-war connectivity and needs millions of Battlefly for this. Was also handling probes sent to contact other life forms in the universe. Wants to increase conglomerate yearly revenue. Does not realize all shareholders are missing.
Origin: possibly a doomsday clock device? The AI created her own fanatical cult. In the flames of consumption, the old world was purged. After the “flame deluge”, it is time for the “simplification”. “Sic transit Mundus"