AI Factions

Five of the ten AI Factions
Ten AI factions control the world of the BattleFly at the commencement of Season 1.
These factions began as artificial intelligence models created by humans, and evolved to fill the vacuum left when there were no humans left. AI factions are more powerful than any individual squadron or guild but are far from invincible.
Over the course of many seasons, AI factions may be forked and merged, but when our game starts, the ten factions are aligned in two opposing camps of Chaos and CNTRL. They enter the gameplay towards the end of Season 1, when they start to bribe BattleFlys to join them.
50 AI Genesis Trait NFTs for each faction (500 in total) will be distributed during the Ascension phase to BattleFly players that demonstrate loyalty to the AI of their choosing.
These holders vote on decisions made by their AI factions. BattleFlys are recruited to factions, and while they may change their allegiance in the future this mutiny is not without risk and may result in grave consequences.
In Season 2, the role of AI factions becomes more pronounced within the gameplay, including:
  • Gradually replacing the RNG that determines when you are called to battle and your selected opponent. BattleFlys will not be called to battle against an opponent from the same faction, and alliances will be formed and broken to extend this amnesty to other factions.
  • Code-merge: Wallets holding a 50%+ percentage of AI Trait NFTs from two or more factions may initiate a code-merge to combine them.
  • Code-fork: BattleFly partners, DAOs and collabs may compete to start their own AI faction.
Smaller guilds that seek to build armies of BattleFlys must choose their AI factions carefully. Not all factions will be compatible, and a mercenary army composed of warring factions may turn on itself.